The Icelandic Automobile Association

Félag íslenskra bifreiðaeigenda or FÍB (Icelandic Automobile Association) is a non-profit, non-governmental association. FÍB was founded 1932 and has been a member of FIA the worldwide organization of touring clubs and automobile associations. FÍB offers various services for its members and has a strong position as the consumer organisation for Icelandic car owners. Iceland is the second largest island in Europe and measures 103.000 km2 (39,756 square miles) in area with a population of 385.000. The road net is 13.000 km and there are over 200.000 private cars on the island.


To unite automobile owners in an association that watches over their interests and to improve traffic safety and traffic culture.

FÍB watches over the general interest of the car owner

FÍB promotes the interests of members and society at large on a wide range of issues and is the consumer protection organisation of Icelandic automobile owners. One of the main targets of FÍB is to reduce the cost of motoring.

FÍB works to improve traffic safety with variety of activities and in co-operation with governmental and non-governmental organizations.


Some benefits of membership

FÍB Assistance. Members have free access to emergency services around the clock

You can call FIB emergency number (+354) 5 112 112. The service includes:

  • Battery service, if your car needs a jumpstart
  • Towing service, (1 free tow truck on daytime on the memberships year)
  • Tire service, Flat tire or in need of equipment.
  • Emergency fuel fill, (member needs to pay for the gas 1500.- kr, 5 L)

 Legal Advice

FÍB´s Legal adviser provides members with assistance on any legal matters relating to any problems involving their vehicles. to make an appointment,
please call 4149999  on office hours  between 8:30-16:30 weekdays.

Technical assistance
Professional technical advisor provides members with assistance and advice regarding automobile technical issues such as repair, maintenance and quality parts, defect in new cars, etc. complaints against garages, manufacturers, dealers and suppliers. The technical consultant plays a major role regarding settlement of disputes between members and the trade. Members have saved a lot of money on this service, which is included in the membership fee. to make an appointment, please call (+354) 414-9999 on office hours between 8:30-16:30 weekdays.

Magazine for members - FÍB blaðið

FÍB  has published a magazine - FÍB blaðið - for its members since 1951. Every year members get 3 magazines delivered to their homes stuffed with information about the car, traffic, environment and the family in the car, also special offers and other related matters. FÍB blaðið is the leading automobile magazine in Iceland.

On the road - travelling assistance and information

 Members enjoy extra prices on roadmaps and travelling publications sold at the FÍB headquarters.

Discounts and benefits 

FÍB members enjoy discounts and other benefits by showing their membership card in shops, inspection stations and garages  and  a lot more.



It pays to be a member